The Gem Sling


What’s included:

- (1) The Gem Sling crossbody bag

- (1) Card Block which fits up to 30 graded slabs

- (1) “NOCT” dust bag for storing The Gem Sling


- Adjustable body strap with sliding magnetic clasp for quick on-and-off release

- Side pockets for small devices, cash & trading card supplies

- Robust, magnetic snap with bungee for security & quick access

- Hidden pockets inside bag for storing cash or other valuables

- Modular inner case that stores up to 30 graded cards, 100 top loaders, 100 card savers, or 24 magnetic card holders

- Removable dividers to organize your collection in multiple ways


The Gem Sling

Traditional carrying cases for the hobby are bulky and unimaginative. As collectors we spend an entire day at tradeshows with a bulky tool box retrofitted for the hobby. We bump cases with other collectors and slam them onto vendor tables while we navigate through a sea of collectors. The Gem Sling reinvents traditional carrying cases and provides the hobby with a secure and more convenient way to travel with cards.


Delivery, without the drag

Traditional carrying cases force the hobby to lug around bulky cases at tradeshows or while on the go. We spend an entire day walking from table to table or traveling from city to city with a heavy case that makes it inconvenient to travel. The Gem Sling provides card collectors with a comfortable, hands-free solution when traveling with cards. Just sling the bag across your back, or on your hip, and make moves without the drag.

A convergence of style and function

As collectors, we don’t simply collect one sport or one type of collectible. Our collections are diverse and far reaching. This is why modularity and organization is important when it comes to reimagining how collectors travel. The Gem Sling’s nested design allows collectors to organize their inner bag how they want. Removable dividers allow you to partition your inner bag to meet the needs of your ever-evolving collection. Collect multiple inner bags so you can quickly swap them out and highlight different aspects of your collection. This is the convergence of style and function.

Where the hobby meets innovation

Current manufacturers have failed to think outside of the box and truly reinvent how collectors travel with their cards. The Gem Sling is the first of its kind to break the mold. Leveraging origami design aesthetics, The Gem Sling transforms how the hobby styles, travels, and interacts with cards. Rip away from the pack with The Gem Sling and become your own collector.

Secure the bag 

Our card collections are our prized possessions so keeping them secured and protected from harsh environments is key. The Gem Sling’s magnetic snap closure keeps your cards, and your bag secured! Additionally, it's nested luggage design provides your collection with double-layered UV protection, keep your cards safe from harsh conditions.