Our Story

On a mission to move the hobby.

On a mission to move the hobby.

One bag at a time.

Our Start

Like most, we were introduced to the hobby by friends and family. Much of our personal collection was built up during the pandemic. It was at that time when we fell in love with the hobby.

It's a thrill buying wax online, jumping in razzes, and attending tradeshows on the weekend. We feel most at home connecting with other hobbyists, sharing our appreciation for cards, or bonding over our favorite players. However, after attending tons of tradeshows and events, we noticed traveling with cards was a bit awkward.

Most hobbyists (us included) carry their slabs in heavy plastic cases and bulky cardboard boxes that are way too inconvenient — especially if you’re spending hours walking around shows with your hands occupied by a bulky box filled with slabs. We knew this couldn't possibly be the best option out there. But it was... so, we're on a mission to create something better.

We bring you nocity. design

Our Motivation

The inspiration behind the name is the idea of not being tied to one city. Because if there is one thing we learned is that hobby and it’s community is worldwide. It’s a crossroads for a multitude of backgrounds and cultures. And, to appreciate the hobby, you have to respect the diversity that comes with it. That’s what we love most about this community.

Our Solution

We wanted to design a bag that guaranteed security while providing the convenience and comfortability necessary for spending long hours at tradeshows. Ultimately, we wanted to create something that made traveling with cards not so awkward.

To solve this problem, we're developing a line of luggage specialized for every type of card collector out there. First, we're beginning with our Gem Sling Bag, a small crossbody bag that holds up to 24 slabs. And, this is only the start. We've got a lot more ideas lined up!

Looking Ahead

We’ve spent hundreds of hours doing market research and meeting with product designers to create something that solves this problem. Our findings pointed us to a line of luggage specialized for every type of card collector out there. At this moment, we have roughly 6-7 concepts that we hope to develop over the next couple of years. But, there’s still a lot of work to do since we’re constantly making tweaks to the current iterations of our bags.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower collectors with innovative, high-quality tools needed to buy, sell, and trade. For as long as we exist, we’ll strive to push this industry forward through the development of exceptionally designed gear for the modern hobbyist.

We are still a few months out from launch, but be sure to stay up to date with us on social so you know when we launch.