– Modular inner case that stores up to 30 graded cards, 100 top loaders, 100 card savers, or 24 magnetic card holders

– Contains three (3) removable dividers

– High-quality synthetic material that is water resistant and offers your card collection UV protection

The Card Block is compatible with the Gem Sling. 

A convergence of style and function

As collectors, we don’t simply collect one sport or one type of collectible. Our collections are diverse and far reaching. This is why modularity and organization is important when it comes to reimagining how collectors travel. The Gem Sling’s nested design allows collectors to organize their inner bag how they want. Removable dividers allow you to partition your inner bag to meet the needs of your ever-evolving collection. Collect multiple inner bags so you can quickly swap them out and highlight different aspects of your collection. This is the convergence of style and function.