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BM1 bubble mailers!

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New Release

SM1 Mailer Bundle (50-pack)

$50.50 $62.00

The Ultimate Slab Mailer Bundle for Sports Card Resellers!

What's included:

  • 1x SM1 - Slab Mailers (50 ct.)
  • 1x BM1 - Bubble Mailers (50 ct.)

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What the hobby has to say.

Just started using the Slab Mailers, and extremely pleased with the extra protection they provide. Have used other products previously and very satisfied with my transition. Extra protection for high value cards.

Clyde W.

This is the best product for shipping slabs. I'm always getting good and positive reviews when I sell slabs on eBay. I'm also glad for the mailer to put 2 or 3 slabs. Keep up the good work!


The Gem Sling bag is as simple as it gets! Super convenient and easy to carry around. Able to obtain my cards without even putting the bag down. The inner bag allows you to hold a good amount of slabs along with one touches and top loaders. [...] Overall the bag was a great idea for the hobby and it’s collectors.

Gilbert V.

Collection Modularity

Whether you're just building your collection or expanding by the week, each of our products are designed to fit the needs of all collectors.

Bulk-free Mobility

Bulky cases create a poor experience for collectors. You can't secure the bag if you have bulk holding you back. For us, it's freedom and mobility over everything.

Industry-leading Quality

Cutting corners in the hobby gets you a bad grade. So, we don't do that when it comes to quality. NOCITY DESIGN brings you unmatched quality & award-winning hardware to keep your collection secure.

Carrying cases reimagined for the hobby.

It's time we break the mold and step away from the old way of traveling with cards. The flimsy cardboard boxes and bulky plastic cases of the old days offer little protection from theft and weather. Frankly, they're too heavy to lug around.

So, we're building a line of carrying cases that card collectors never thought they needed.

Cut the bulk, secure the bag.

Traveling with cards is inconvenient so, we cut the bulk and created a bag. From here on out, we're committed to make traveling with slabs more comfortable, more secure, and more organized.

Securely travel with peace of mind.

From trade show to trade night, with the Gem Sling, you're guaranteed more protection and comfortability than your old slab-filled shoeboxes.

Comfort & freedom, at-last.

The Gem Sling employs a sturdy, yet comfortable strap that you can sling across your chest or on your hip.

Wear the Gem Sling how you like and say goodbye to heavy plastic cases, forever.

Stay organized, on the go.

The old way of doing things doesn't offer an easy and convenient solution for organization.

The Gem Sling's inner bag lets you customize your bag how you like. Use dividers to organize by value, sport, or collection type. It's removable too so possibilities are endless!

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