SM3 Mailer Bundle (50-pack)

$56.50 $67.00
Introducing the Ultimate Shipping Bundle for Card Collectors!

Whether you’ve just launched your sports card business or a seasoned sports card reseller doing thousands in sales, this is the perfect solution for shipping graded cards to your customers.

With our Mailer Bundle, you can ship your graded sports cards not only safely but also consciously. Our Slab Mailers require no tape, no bubble wrap, and are reusable for your customers, reducing waste. Similarly, our BM1 bubble mailers are 100% compostable and use eco-friendly inks. Join us in creating a more sustainable hobby.

What's Included:

SM3 (50 ct.): Each slab mailer is meticulously crafted from rigid cardboard, protecting graded sports cards from minor cosmetic damage and saving sports card sellers time packing orders.

BM1 (50 ct.): Our eco-friendly bubble mailers are a game-changer! Measuring 6 inches by 9 inches, these padded mailers are made from plant-based materials, including corn starch. They offer the perfect combination of cushioning and sustainability, ensuring your shipments are both secure and environmentally responsible.

Key Features of Our Bubble Mailers:

🌱 100% Compostable: Say goodbye to environmental guilt! Our BM1 bubble mailers are entirely compostable, allowing you to ship your cards with peace of mind, knowing you're making a positive impact on the planet.
🌿 Eco-Friendly Inks: We believe in sustainability from start to finish. That's why our bubble mailers are printed with eco-friendly inks, reducing their environmental footprint even further.
🔄 Compatibility: Designed to perfectly complement our SM1 and SM3 Slab Mailers, our BM1 bubble mailers offer seamless integration into your shipping process, ensuring hassle-free packaging every time.